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Immerse yourself in the essence of txotx and the best Basque gastronomy without leaving San Sebastian, and all year round, at the Cider House – Restaurant El Vaskito.

Iñaki Azkue directs this project in the Igara neighbourhood in Donostia, where you can enjoy the flavour of traditional Basque cuisine, accompanied by the best natural cider.

El Vaskito

El Vaskito stands out for its high quality seasonal products cooked on the grill.

It consists of two spaces. A spacious dining room for 80 people where you can enjoy the concept of cider house more traditional, and a restaurant with 40 seats to enjoy the authentic flavour of the Basque Country in a more reserved atmosphere.

Cider House Space

Restaurant Space

The product as a protagonist

The philosophy of Iñaki and his team consists of using local produce of the highest quality and preparing dishes with as little intervention as possible, following the example of his grandmother.

In order to obtain the best raw material, Iñaki considers direct contact to be fundamental. For this reason, he enjoys going to the market and the fish market every day. He prefers to work with seasonal ingredients and eagerly awaits the arrival of seasonal products.

The team

For this new venture, Iñaki has been able to surround himself with outstanding professionals with extensive experience in the hotel and catering sector.

These experts in the kitchen, the grill and customer service have managed to internalise the philosophy of El Vaskito, while contributing their personal touch and skill in everything they do.

The wine cellar

Although natural cider is the undisputed star at El Vaskito, Iñaki has not neglected the rest of the drinks.

That is why the restaurant has a wide selection in its cellar that will delight the most exquisite palates.

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